About us

Thank you for your interest in our company, "Aziaremenergo" llp. We can provide you with all that relates to the repair, modernization and diagnostics of power transformers. At the same time, saying, "all", we mean the completion of the comprehensive solution of the supply of components to "turnkey" repaired transformer.

Our company was founded in 2003. As an organization to repair and restore power transformers voltage classes up to 1150kV. The company was formed the backbone of experts, who came from "YuzhKazEnergoRemont." This organization, in its time, provided the repair of transformers for the Central Asian and Kazakh economic region of the Soviet Union.

With this extensive experience, we suggest to use it, in the repair and modernization of transformer fleet companies.

  • Repair, installation and commissioning of power transformers, reactors and circuit breakers up to 500 kV voltage class. Emphasizing that the professionalism of our staff allows you to repair equipment on site electrical substation switchgear. This, in turn, reduces repair costs and downtime.
  • Service of whole park transformers. Our company has all the necessary resources to monitor the status of transformer fleet, forecasting further repairs, the repair schedule coordination - for optimal processes of your company.
  • Supply of equipment and materials for the repair of power transformers. As the exclusive representative of: MR, Messko, Omicron, Nynas, JSC "Chemical Plant. LY Karpov ", JSC" ANIIT Record ", LLC" ELMO Technology ", we are able not to depend on third-party suppliers during the repair work. All components and materials needed for the modernization and repair of transformers and reactors, comes to us directly from the manufacturer. This reduces the time and cost of production.
  • Transformer oil regeneration system. Our company has the necessary equipment for transformer oil recovery operated electric cars. Also, we can offer project development, delivery and commissioning of equipment complexes transformer oil regeneration.
  • Supply of transformer oil, and lubricants. LLP "Aziyaremenergo" is the exclusive partner of Nynas AB (Sweden) - known manufacturers of oils, lubricants and other petroleum products. Thus, we can carry out deliveries of transformer oils, lubricants for machines and units, according to the manufacturer's price, in the shortest period of time.

Technical solutions for fleet modernization transformers. Increase the service life of transformers. Numerous power system and industrial enterprises are faced with the problem of device-load (RPN) are performed with less operational resources than the transformer. Aziyaremenergo company offers professional and cost-effective solution to replace the tap-changer: for network transformers, instead of the old device, we offer switch type OILTAP® MSE produced by MR, Germany.

There is a separate solution for furnace transformers. The new VACUTAP® VR I HD does not require maintenance at regular time intervals. Until the next revision it produces 600,000 switching. And the need to replace the removable part of the contactor occurs only after 1 million 200 thousand switching. Hence - reduced furnace downtime and maintenance costs.

  • Intelligent solutions for monitoring transformer fleet (ISM solutions). LLP "Aziyaremenergo" collects the necessary baseline data in conjunction with specialists MR processes them and provides the best solutions for the control and management of transformer fleet. Such decisions will be recorded and processed virtually all operating data of the power transformer. This refers, for example, monitoring or analysis RPN degree of loading of the transformer. Management and monitoring processes, thus, made through a browser or through SMS messages. Thus, we will help you to plan targeted operation, the degree of loading, maintenance and replacement of equipment.
  • Solutions to improve the quality of electricity. We offer personalized expert solutions for voltage stabilization, reduce losses, improve efficiency of electricity, reactive power compensation and harmonic in industrial networks. Further, our forces will supply and installation of equipment.

Thus, our proposal - a set of solutions from a single source.

In light of the above, I hope that we will we form a strong partnership. This partnership, in turn, we will appreciate and develop.